When God Shows Up


God’s handiwork beautifully shown in these ornamental cabbages

Have you had times when you stood in awe to see where God has been or is even working at that very moment?  I’ve had this privilege twice this past weekend! It always leaves me hungry for more. There is nothing like feeling the presence of God.

Two months ago I met a lady who had just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  Understandably, she was scared, but she was almost desperate with anxiety. She has now gone through radiation treatments and had some chemotherapy.

I saw her Saturday and she was totally different…not so much physically,  but in every other way.  She is now completely at peace with God and His plan for her life. What made the difference?  She found Jesus! She gave her life to Him and was baptized a few weeks ago.

I was moved to tears just watching her calm demeanor and hearing her confidently speak of God’s goodness and her faith in Him.  Her countenance is so different now.  I stood amazed knowing that only God could bring about such a change.


And yesterday, I sat in a church full of people whose hearts were broken over the home going of a godly husband, father, friend,  and brother.  He was suddenly snatched from this life with a brain aneurism, leaving behind a wife, four young children, a successful career, and an effective ministry.  I’m so glad he lived a life that clearly  demonstrated his love for his Lord and that he was ready to meet his creator.

We sang praises to God for who He is ( a loving God who  provides for His own), what He has done (sent His only Son to bridge the gap between Himself and sinful man), and what He is going to do (reunite us with our loved ones to be with Him forever).  Although the singing was completely beautiful, I sat amazed at the power of God that enabled us to even sing at all under these circumstances.

In Psalm 16:11 David said,  “Thou wilt show me the path of life:  in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures evermore.” The Holy Spirit comforts us and gives us joy in the worst of times. It is amazing to feel God doing that for me and see Him working through others in the same way.

It is my prayer for you that even today you may see and feel His power in your life.

Keep looking up,

Gaye Hughes


My daughter, Abigail, and I enjoying a sunny hike November 19, 2015



2 thoughts on “When God Shows Up

  1. I stand in Awe of God’s Love and Compassion,I had similar Instances over the past two weeks,the First a Man that I have known for over 50 years was on his Death Bed and didn’t know Jesus as his Personal Lord and Saviour,I was blessed to lead him to the Lord before he passed two days later, and his Wife Rededicated her life,and this past Tuesday it happened again, another man on his Death bed, I was Blessed to lead him to the Lord, and his Son gave his Heart to Jesus Too,and then looked at His Dying Dad and said,Dad we both got Saved Today, 4 Souls saved in two weeks, I have never had that to happen to me,I am Blessed and I stand in Awe,God Loves us He dosen’t want anyone going to Hell, and He does give us every Opportunity to be Saved, even on our Death Beds, He always sends someone to Help at our Darkest Hour,God Bless You Sister, keep looking up, we are going Home Soon. Happy Thanksgiving. Clay.


    • Wow Clay! That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. It encourages us to take every opportunity God gives us. God wants to work through us, but we have to be willing to be used by Him. Thanks again!


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