How Desperate are You?

IMG_20160107_223429Yesterday I asked God for a few very specific things.  Things that I knew were His desires too. Things I knew He could do and eventually would do.  What I wasn’t expecting was for Him to do it so quickly!  Within hours I saw Him do just as I had requested.

Afterwards I stood amazed… and then ashamed that I was so surprised.  So as I pondered this miracle, I thought, “Why would He not do this?” If it is something God also wants, doesn’t He want me to ask for Him to intervene? And the better question is, “Why is He not doing more of this in my life?” I quickly realized it is because I’m not asking Him and seeking His will enough.


Sunday, I was sobered when the preacher asked, “How desperate are you for God?” Hmmm. Well, I can say this past year I’ve been more desperate by far than I ever have  been in my life. I’ve been desperate for God’s guidance. Desperate for His comfort. Desperate to see and feel His presence in my life. Desperate to know He is right here with me….. and it has been a good thing.

There have been more times that I can count where I could barely communicate my need for Him. Like Peter, when he began to sink, all I could say was, “Lord, save me!” or “Help!” In my sorrow, my prayers have often been boiled down to, “I need you God. I can’t make it without You. I HAVE to have You, now!” But I’m still not where I could be or should be spiritually.


In Luke 18:1-8 Jesus spoke a parable about a widow who persistently came before the judge asking him to intervene in her life. The judge admitted that he didn’t fear God or really care about the lady, but he helped her because she wouldn’t give up coming to him. She wore him down.

Jesus said if an ungodly judge would intervene, won’t God do the same or better for His children whom He loves? Absolutely!

The preacher made some valid points about what it takes to be close to God.  If we want Him in our lives,

  • Our pride has to go!

We have to want God’s way more than our own way. We have to be willing to let God be the pilot.  Having God as a co-pilot won’t work. He must be in the driver’s seat.

  •  The Word of God (the Bible) must be central in our lives.

We won’t see God working, if we don’t know Him or how He operates. The preacher said,

“If we stay ignorant to His teachings, we will be oblivious to His actions!”


  • We must be praying often

Praying is more than talking to God.  It is listening to Him. It is slowing down long enough to be quiet before Him. It is listening for that still small voice when the cares of the world are continually screaming loudly.

  • We have to get our priorities right.

What is coming between God and me and my time with Him? If our relationship with God is of utmost importance, our time with Him should reflect that. We must set aside time to commune with Him.

  • We can’t presume that we can live any way we want to and experience God’s blessings.

I feel like this is something our country as a whole doesn’t understand. It doesn’t work to say, “God bless America!” when, as a nation and often individually, we are repeatedly and habitually violating so many of the laws found in His Word. God not only calls sinners to repentance (a sorrow and a turning away from sin), but He also calls Christ-followers to repentance. Sin separates us from God. It creates barriers  between us and God and stifles our relationship with Him and others.

So basically, we have as much of God as we want in our lives. He is there capable, willing, and ready to be all we need Him to be for us. But we have a responsibility as to how often and to what degree He is welcomed to be involved in our lives. He is a gentleman. He won’t force Himself upon us.  Let’s welcome Him in today.

Keep looking up,

Gaye Hughes


P.S.  I like birds!

6 thoughts on “How Desperate are You?

  1. Hi Gaye,
    Our friend Dinah A from CBS recommended I go to your blog. It is wonderful! If you are able, would you please contact me? Thank you, and God Bless!


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