“No one will know…”


Bethany, Anna, Nathan, David, and Abigail

As a parent, I never quite knew what to do when I confronted my children about a wrong doing in which they had no regrets.  Do you make them apologize when it is obvious they are not sorry? Twenty-five years later, I still don’t have the answer.

Although I never had much trouble with my children, I remember being surprised when those cute little kids argued.  I recall my sister-in-law saying, “You have to remember Gaye, they are just little sinners.  They will be much sweeter after they come to know Jesus.” 

She was right! In fact, I could see a new tenderness of heart right away after each of them at various times talked with Jesus, repented of their sin, and asked Him to be the Lord of their lives. But after that, there is still much training and Bible knowledge needed.

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I’ve often wonder if the character qualities I deem most important  were properly passed down to my children.  Eighteen years just doesn’t seem like enough time to get them ready for all life can throw at them. Thankfully, my children have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ so they have the Holy Spirit to teach and guide them.  He’s a much better teacher than I could ever be!

Something happened recently that really encouraged me.  The truck Nathan (age 17) drives has tinted windows. It was that way when we bought it and the tinted plastic


had begun to peel on the side windows.  Because it was going to take awhile to be repaired, we dropped the truck off and left.

Quotation-J-M-Hill-right-values-Meetville-Quotes-244630-300x204I got a call later and my conversation with the repairman went something like this…

Repairman: You told me you wanted me to match the side windows with the back tinted window and I can do that, but I wanted to let you know there is a law regulating the degree of tint that can be put on the side windows.  If I match the back window like you asked me to, it will be a little darker than the law allows.  Do you want me to match it  or do you want to stay legal?


Me: I want to stay legal.

Repairman: I can use the darker tint. No one will be able to tell by looking at it.

Me: No, we want to stay legal. Hey, my son is outside…can you hold on and let me ask him what he wants to do?

Repairman: Well, I can tell you what HE is going to say.  He will want it to match.

Me: Just hold on a minute and let me ask him.


I explained the situation to Nathan and asked him what he wanted to do and he replied, I want to stay legal.

That’s when my mommy heart leaped for joy and did a little dance! I trotted back to the phone and said, I just want you to know I have one awesome son and he wants to stay legal!

Nathan would probably have never gotten a ticket had he decided to have the windows tinted darker, but he wanted to do the right thing anyway. His decision made me happy as his mother, but more importantly, it made his Lord happy.

May we all…


Have a blessed day!







6 thoughts on ““No one will know…”

  1. God Bless You Sister Gaye, You did a great job in Raising that Young Man,it is always best to be Legal, and I have been liking and Posting from my Iphone and they didn’t come through, I don’t know why but, anyway, Awesome Posts,keep them coming, Hvae a Blessed Day. Clay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Clay. Technology can be such a blessing, but such a frustration to me at the same time. I’ve often thought that I surely was born in the wrong era, but then I remember that God doesn’t make mistakes. 🙂 Have a blessed day!


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