A “To Be” List

4643967to do listDo you have a “To Do” list?   I am more motivated and get more accomplished  when I have definite goals for the day.

What I have not thought about is having a “To Be” list! Jeff Nevison posted this on facebook and I thought it was such a good idea I wanted to share it.

Living each day ‘With the End In Mind!’
Start each day by taking the time to write out a few things you want to be able to feel good about at the end of the day when you reflect on your day. Not a ‘to do’ list, more of a ‘to be’ list. Who will I be today? The epitaph of your day before it begins…

Some examples:

*Today I was friendly, encouraging and loving to everyone I met or spoke with

*Today I put others ahead of myself

*Today I took my wife’s hand and prayed for her and our marriage

*Today I applied something from the scripture or devotional I read this morning

*Today I took the time to close my eyes and listen to my ‘breathing’ as a way to be reminded of the creator of each breathe

*Today I shared something about my faith with… (a person or people) that I met

*Today I just let my Spirit filled heart direct my steps and words.

4726b277b4c91852bd201519946f3464on purpose

Being intentional helps to create purpose and focus. Pray over your ‘list’ and Share your ‘End In Mind’ day with someone as soon as written and then your results at the end of your day.
Men’s Place


This plan includes accountability which is always helpful.

Rick Warren said, You were made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense. May we live purpose-filled lives as we live every day intentionally for God!

Have a blessed, productive day being what God called you to be!



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