Stepping Out!

My cousin, Tommi Anne Davis, is not only family, but also my dear friend.  In spite of the many difficult days she has endured, she has managed to maintain her warm smile and sassy sense of humor. The trials have only made her stronger and shine more brilliantly of Jesus’ love and grace.  Her tender heart for God never ceases to inspire me.  When I read her recent post on Facebook, I immediately asked permission to post it on my blog.  Read and be blessed!


My beautiful cuz at The Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH July 2016

The “unofficial” theme of our orientation today was about taking risks. As someone who desires to be a godly Christian woman in a rapidly changing culture, I often wonder when “risks” are appropriate and when they are not.

I immediately thought of two good examples from the Bible. Abigail boldly took a risk and ran out to intercept King David with wise advice, and she was blessed for her actions. And one of the most beautiful love stories in the Bible takes place when Ruth boldly reveals her “availability” to Boaz. That worked out quite nicely too.


Tommi Anne Davis July 2016

I think the key that sets apart these women from the less fortunate risk-takers like Sarah and Rebekah was they did not attempt to achieve God’s Will by using methods that were contrary to the character and Word of God.


I tend to grossly over analyze my actions wondering what is proper (call it my southern upbringing) but the bottom line is to love the Lord with all my heart until His will becomes my own, and that’s a risk that will always be rewarded with unfathomable glory.

Tommi Anne Davis


Tommi Anne and I are traveling buddies. Here we were hiking a trail along the Ohio River July 2016



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