Does God Play Hide and Seek?

The playground is relatively small for sixteen children, but the little ones don’t realize it. It is their little haven of outdoor adventure at Muse Montessori. One of their favorite games is hide and seek. Although there are basically only two bushes to hide behind, they never tire of this game.

Do you ever feel like God is playing hide and seek with you? Do you want to know His will for your life but feel like He’s keeping you guessing?

As I read the first chapter of Jeremiah this morning, it excited me to see God’s personal plan for him. God comes to Jeremiah and tells him,

i-knew-you-before-i-formed-you-jeremiah-1_5 kid006-g-02

Jeremiah responds with, Ah, Lord God! hehold, I cannot speak: for I am but a child.  God tells him not to say that and promises him that He will go with him and tell him what to say. Don’t be afraid of their faces because I am with you and will deliver you.


Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. (Jere. 1:9)

The Lord continues to confirm what He wants Jeremiah to do. He asked, What do you see? Jeremiah said, An almond branch. The Lord said, Good eye! (I’m paraphrasing) for I will do what I’ve said.  Again, the LORD asked,  What do you see? And Jeremiah answered, A boiling pot. God tells Jeremiah that judgement is coming because His  people have forsaken Him to worship other gods. God lets Jeremiah know that he will have opposition, but assures him that He is with him and will deliver him. (Jere. 1:19)

Maybe God hasn’t called you or me to such a daunting task, but I believe just as he knew and created Jeremiah and had a specific work for Him to do, He has a unique plan for each of us and has equipped us to be vessels of honor for His glory.

The question is, Do I even care about His plan or am I more interested in my own?  How intent am I on knowing that planAnd if I know that plan, how serious am I about executing it?

I can assure you God is not playing hide and seek with us. He didn’t make junk when He made any of us.  We weren’t on an assembly line and He haphazardly threw in personalities and physical features at random. He had a plan before He started….a VERY good plan!

Life is short.  We don’t have time to mess around.  I believe He wants us be serious about searching out His ways. He could write His plan in the sky, come talk directly to us each day, or send us a letter.  But the avenue of communication He chose is prayer. That requires some work on our end.

Hebrews 11:6 is one of my favorite promises from God.


The Lord promises to reward those who diligently seek Him. He is a good father. He is for us.  He is with us.  He is in us. He has a plan. He wants us to know it and obey it. The only way to have joy, peace, and fulfillment in this life is to trust and obey Him.

Have a blessed day as you walk with Him,



“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13


2 thoughts on “Does God Play Hide and Seek?

  1. Thank you for those encouraging words! Isn’t it such a comfort to know We are in God’s plans.
    Hope you are enjoying the plans God has for your life now! Miss your sweet smile and great wisdom at CBS.


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