Are You on The Rock or the Roller Coaster?


rock-of-ages-300x217 rock

“For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God?





Last month I began getting pretty upset because two of my girls hadn’t been communicating with me very well.  I felt neglected and it bothered me.

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Danilo and Anna 9-27-14


Wesley and Bethany 8-3-14


Danilo and Anna Vara 8-2015


Wesley and Bethany Crews 8-2015













I know these newlyweds are busy, but when too much time goes by between calls and texts, it gets rough. I long to be involved in their lives even if it is from afar.  Recently,  I started complaining to my friends,  Is a 10 minute, uninterrupted, weekly phone call too much to ask?!!!

BibleThen I wondered how many times I make God feel that way.  Ouch! He knows what I’m doing, but He wants to hear from me.

My mind wanders too much while I’m reading my Bible.  I often get distracted while praying.   And though I talk to Him often throughout the day, I often don’t linger long enough to hear what He might want to say to me.

I had decided my girls had pretty much forgotten about me and I was going to have to be content knowing they were independent and happy.  Bethany and Wesley had let me know they were coming for a visit so I was looking forward to that.  I knew I would at least be able to talk to them that weekend!

They arrived on a Friday afternoon and it was really good to see them. After we greeted each other, Anna suddenly appeared!  Bethany and Wesley had arranged to swing by the airport and pick up Anna as they were driving in.  I got an even bigger surprise that evening after dinner when Anna handed me a gift. Inside was a little onesie and an ultrasound picture of her tiny baby!


Anna, Baby Vara, and Grandmommy 3-11-16


My girls had intentionally avoided talking to me because they were afraid they would let it slip about the baby or the surprise visit!  I had totally misread the circumstances! Again, I was reminded of how dangerous it is to trust my feelings instead of the facts.  Deep down I knew my girls cared about me, but when the evidence didn’t appear to support that, I denied what I knew to be true and began focusing on my ever-changing feelings….which is NEVER a good idea!



13076693_10209219739673504_5008194580227490555_nAnna 4 months pregnant

Anna- 4 months pregnant 4-24-16

This is a battle we all face every day.  Life happens and we can get discouraged.  Sometimes things seem hopeless, but God is often working behind the scenes. This is where our faith needs to kick in.  Like Peter, when we start focusing on our storm (problems) and taking our eyes off of Jesus by not reminding ourselves of His promises,  we begin to sink emotionally! (Matthew 14:27-33)

jesus-rescuing-peter-from-drowningWe must not trust our feelings, but the facts of who God is and what He has promised to do for those who believe in Him.  When we can’t see Him or feel Him, we must remember what He has promised.  He is still with us. When our emotions begin to get the best of us, we must anchor our minds in God’s Word, the Bible….the truth.

In John 14:27 Jesus said, Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth,  give I unto you.  LET NOT your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

The LET NOT tells me that we have to work at allowing God’s peace in our lives. I think Jesus knew worrying and being anxious would be our natural default.  He tells us to  make a conscious choice to not allow ourselves to be troubled, worried, or afraid.

Notice there aren’t any exceptions made here.  We have to decide to trust Jesus instead of ourselves every time to have Jesus’ peace.  The peace is there for the taking, but we must work for it.  So when you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, find your footing on the Rock (Jesus) and drop your anchor in God’s Word, the truth.

Keep looking up,



Back- Wesley and Abigail Front- Nathan, Bethany, Gaye, Anna 3-11-16